Sally and Jack

cmon Jack! Keep pulling!

c'mon Jack! Keep pulling!

Sally and Jack are having the best time! She likes having one of her siblings come along, although, she really wanted out today…to go exploring.


next week

well, these last few weeks have been somewhat frustrating. Sally had another UTI and lost her hydro appts. She was only able to go if there was room and they started to fill up, so she got booted. I don’t blame them, this is nothing I can’t do at home, but It lifted her spirits so much to get out and go. She looked so forward to it. This last week she started to wrinkle her forehead and look sad again, but a present arrived. Something for sally to use to lift her spirits and it came just at the right time.

This is perfect b/c she is going in for her third surgery on the same leg next week. This time they will work on her femur. The last two have been on her tibia, but now it seems to be the femur. Basically, they will break it and straighten it. It won’t be easy. People keep telling me why would I do this, let it go. It makes me doubt my decision, but her leg can’t stay like this. Will I do the other leg…I don’t know. This road hasn’t been easy, but we will see how this final process goes and see how she feels and responds to it. I wish this all could have gone different, like I saw it in my head and plans, but plans change.

I would have liked more communication from the surgeon, but what matters now is that, sally is being taken care of. I can only be thankful now that this is getting done. Would I have done this knowing she would have gone through all of this. Probably not. But things like this are hard to know until you get in there and then realize how bad or easy it is and sally was pretty messed up.

All I can say now is that we are doing are best in the situation at hand. She is having such a great time in her new stroller and I like seeing her smile again. If this is what we have to do the rest of her life, I think she would be ok. She just likes being out in the world, feeling like part of the pack and like she belongs. She won’t run marathons or go on hikes, but I think she is happy with this new arrangement. I am looking for holistic alternatives to some lifetime medicine. dunno.
I love this girl more than anything and I would do anything for her. i think that is evident with my dogs.
I guess we will just see how this new journey will be and go from there.
Thank you all for your support and love for her…it means so much.
Thank you Lynette, Lori and Solvit products for the use of this amazing stroller. You have no idea how happy you have made this girl.

So post-op surgery blog posts should continue next week. I am taking her in on the 30th of July for the surgery that weekend and will probably pick up her after a few days…maybe Thursday depending on how she is feeling. The vets there Dr. Wallace and Dr. Knighton have been absolutely amazing with me and sally and all we have been through. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope good things come to you a thousand times over. You are good people. I highly recommend if you are in Vegas to go to VCA on Spring Mountain. Even if you want to write a thank you letter on behalf of sally that would mean a lot to them I am sure and to me and sally!

still waiting.

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posts. I was actually hoping this would be an everyday thing, but it has been dragged out for so long, that the everyday is kind of just living right now. Sally has another UTI. This sucks b/c she couldn’t go to hyrdo for a week b/c of it and now they have filled up and she has lost her spot. I am looking for a big bin so I can do pivets with her. Her spirit has been pretty low the last couple weeks, or maybe she just doesn’t feel well. dunno. Her stroller arrived and aunt lori is putting it together for her to use for awhile. it is so big!! It will be super fun taking her on morning walks. i can’t wait to take photos. As for her leg, it is still weak and she has no stability in it. It still slants inward. I am getting tired of these vegas trips, they are tiring especially when i am having to work so much to pay for these little ventures. oh well, she is worth it…Aren’t they all. I think most of us would do anything for our kids. I hope to have something for you guys soon, some type of positive out of all this. we love your support and kind words. I know a couple of you are about to do surgery or have gone through things. It is nice that we all have each others support and can maybe relate to the happy, sad, frustrating and tiring times of all these days.


not giving up.

Aunt Lori drove Sally to Vegas this past weekend for her check-up. They had a great time singing songs and eating lots of food! The surgeon called me the next day after the check up. She should be using her leg more…He took more x-rays to make sure everything was in place and it is, but her muscles have grown so wonky throughout the years catering to her bowed and weird legs, that they aren’t supporting the new work. Her bad (un-surgery) leg is getting stronger b/c she has to use it, but the surgery leg still isn’t going as expected. SO, he is going to california in a couple weeks and will take her x-rays along. He will be consulting with another surgeon and physical therapist. For now, we continue to do what we are doing, but more stretches and more consistent pain meds (EEK!).
She has been doing great, though. Never without a smile and loves getting so much attention.

We are doing ok!

a big week

sally has kind of big week. We actually had to cancel hydro today, we felt horrible. She lOVES heidi, but her brother conrad was extremely sick and we had to rush him to the clinic. She will go on Friday and she also has her vet appt. I am going to talk to her about the seizure she had and get a possible x-ray for her check-up in Vegas. Aunt Lori is taking her up on Friday night and dropping her off at VCA and Dr. Walker will check her on Sat and I will then leave to go pick her up and get back before work.

I wish I could say this whole thing has been smooth and wonderful, although, i am sure anyone who has had surgery will say it is frustrating and takes time but usually in the end it is ok. At least that is what I hope, that everything will be ok. Her leg is still really bowed and now her other foot is really swollen. Should she be using her leg by now? it has been maybe 5/6 weeks. Should her foot still knuckle down at times? Did I mess up my dog by doing this or have I made things worse? Maybe not, maybe in time even though still bowed, she won’t be in pain or uncomfortable. Maybe? I am being real and honest as I am sure anyone in my situation would be. I want the best for my kids. I would give anything for her to be better. All we can now do is keep our heads up, keep doing what we are doing and hope for the best. I saw a cute fold up wagon that I am saving for. I think she would like to scoot around in that…or ride. hehe.
i will let you know how the check up goes. I will put out love and light to my girl and keep a positive energy. Wish us a safe trip. It is such a long drive, but at least she gets to sight see and she really likes that!

more news.

Sally’s Aunt Sarah (the photographer) met up with us at Hydro today! She took a photo, so once she sends it to us, we will post it! Thanks Sarah!

Things have been going well at hydro. She is really starting to keep her leg weight down without crossing it over as much. Carrie from hydro is thrilled with her progress! The other day, though, she had a small seizure lasting about 30-45 sec, but is scared me to death.

I emailed the vet about just getting some bloodwork done, but she thought I should make an appt. So Sally will be going in on June 12 to see the vet and get some possible bloodwork and to also possibly get x-ray to make sure all her screws are still in. She is having some grinding and the surgeon said that is probably due to arthritic cartilage, but it also a good idea if possible to get an x-ray. We are still doing her stretches daily which is helping a lot and I am starting to do some jin shin jyutsu on her and she likes that as well. she absolutely LOVES going to hydro and even just getting out and getting attention is raising her spirits. She seems so much happier and I think this helps her healing. We will still wait until this leg is healed 100 % before doing the other leg, since things have been so complicated with this first leg. We are trying to stay positive and calm and know that healing just takes time and patience.

on another note. Sally’s friend Sam and Monroe need your help! Sam was huge in helping Sally get her surgery. He even made sally her own facebook page. Now his dog Monroe needs some help. Read his diary here and help if you can. He is such a good person with a big heart. Forget Starbucks for a day and help Monroe!


Sally has been going to hydro three times a week and is doing great. She is finally putting her leg down in the water, sometimes with a little help from Cary. She also showed me some pain relieving techniques with touch. I didn’t realize how important the stretches were, so we have started to do them everyday. I talked with Dr. Wallace and he agrees that the other leg should not be done until this leg is 100% better. So it might be awhile. I just need to learn to be patient. Sometimes healing just takes a little time…or a long time.